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Developing Strength in Writing, Mathematics, and the Arts

At SciCore Academy, our fifth- through eighth-grade students are offered a varied course of study in a wide range of subjects, with a focus on science, writing, and mathematics education. The middle school division at our school in Hightstown, New Jersey, teaches many important subjects, ranging from public speaking, American and world history, and geography, to foreign languages, and the appreciation and history of the fine arts.

Writing & Speaking Well

Fundamental to a child's education is the ability to write and speak clearly and with proper usage. Therefore, student assignments in all courses will serve to reinforce written and verbal communication skills. Students will also be encouraged to develop logical thinking and good habits of organization. This will be of special value in the subjects of history, geography and the sciences, where students are expected to master substantial amounts of core knowledge.

History With Mr Scheid

Understanding Mathematics

Navigation Calculations

Knowledge of mathematics, "the queen of the sciences," is of paramount importance in all professions. SciCore Academy provides a solid grounding in fundamental mathematical concepts through the technique of incremental problem-solving. Students' understanding is continually reinforced through an upward spiral of problem sets designed to cover topics such as manipulating fractions and signed numbers, multi-part word problems, introductory Geometry or Pre-Calculus, sequences, estimating, ratios and proportion, patterns and functions, and algebraic expressions.

Fine Arts

Middle School Fine Arts

A well-rounded student should gain an appreciation of the great achievements in the area of fine arts. Courses in art history, drawing, music appreciation, and choral singing, are designed to impart to students both cultural literacy and aesthetic sensitivity.

Practical Learning

Consistent with SciCore's philosophy of learning through practical experience, middle school students are offered classes in drawing, drafting, industrial arts, and science laboratory. These classes develop manual dexterity and an understanding of the principles of artistic and engineering design.

Fifth Grade Courses:

• English
• Mathematics
• 5th Grade Science
• Art and Music

• Spanish & Chinese
• Word Processing
• History & Geography

Sixth Grade Courses:

• English (Grammar + Diagramming, Composition, Reading, Speech)
• Spanish, Chinese
• Mathematics (Saxon 76)
• Art and Music
• 6th Grade Science, with Laboratory (Bio I, Chem I, Earth Science I)
• Programming
• U.S. History & Geography
• Physical Education
Sharp Lines

Sanding Wood

Seventh Grade Courses:

• English (Grammar + Diagramming, Composition, Reading, Speech)
• Spanish & Chinese
• Mathematics (Pre-Algebra or Algebra)
• Programming

• 7th Grade Science, with Laboratory (Chem II, Electronics I, Mechanics I)
• Music, Art, and Public Speaking
• History of the Ancient World
• Physical Education

PE Games

Eighth Grade Courses:

• English (Composition, Classical Literature)
• Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 or Geometry
• 8th Grade Science with Laboratory (Earth Science II, Electronics II, Biology II, Mechanics II)
• Programming

• World Geography & History
• Spanish & Chinese
• Physical Education
• Music, Art, & Public Speaking