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Superior Academic Camps All Summer Long

Prepare your learner to take their math, science, reading, and chess skills to the next level with SciCore Academy summer camps in Hightstown, NJ. Our academic camps are scheduled in one- to three-week sessions throughout the summer months to keep students intellectually challenged and feed their imaginations. Below you will find course descriptions and a download link containing the registration form. Aftercare and transportation options are available. We hope to see you this summer!

Summer Camps 2017

Kitty Is Curious

Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 3pm.
Aftercare until 5:30 pm.

$310 per week (less 20 % discount for two or more camps).
$ 8/hr aftercare
$ 15/day round-trip transportation (sibling discount available).

Download Registration Form Here

Additional Notes: Indicated grade levels refer to the grade student will be entering in Fall 2017. Older students within a grade range are given more advanced assignments.

Elementary Science, Grades 1–4:
June 26–30

Make a difference in your child’s education with this “hands-on” science camp filled with fun and educational experiments guided by an experienced teacher with a degree in chemistry and biology. Experiments are drawn from the areas of biology, chemistry, earth science and elementary physics. Students do their own safe experiments in a laboratory setting and are taught how to write results in a lab notebook.


Elementary English & Math, Grades 1–4:
July 10–21 (two weeks)

Boost your child’s math and English skills in this split-session program. Mornings are devoted to math topics such as fact-families, factors, carry-over, borrowing, multi-digit multiplication, long division, fractions, decimals, mental math, word problems, and much more. In the afternoon, your child will learn to write good sentences and paragraphs, learn the parts of speech, build vocabulary, and read with expression and exact comprehension. See how much your child can accomplish in two short weeks!


Astronomy & Optics, Grades 5-8:
July 10–14

Our understanding of stars, galaxies, planets and astronomical phenomena has grown tremendously in the past decade due to advanced probes and telescopes. This course is an opportunity for an in-depth look at astronomy and the techniques used to probe celestial bodies, presented by an outstanding teacher with a master’s degree in astrophysics. Students will learn fundamentals of light and optics through “hands-on” experiments and explore how telescopes and spectrometers add to our knowledge of stars and planets. Adding to the fun, they will learn how to track constellations and view the night sky in an informed way. One day of the camp will include a trip to a planetarium.


Communication Skills for High School: Writing, Speech & Media:
July 10–21 (two weeks)

Superior communication skills lead to success in college and the workplace. It is not an exaggeration to say that the most important achievement in high school is the development of a clear and sophisticated writing and speaking style. This two-week course will help your high school student become a superior communicator through instruction in writing, diction, giving a formal speech, and building a more powerful vocabulary. Other aspects of communication arts will be addressed, including how to use social media appropriately, power-point presentations, and video presentations through YouTube.


Chess for Elementary Students, Grades 1-4:
July 24–28

Supervised by award-winning master chess tutor, Miguel Iniguez, this camp will provide your child with unique exercises and much opportunity to play against ability peers. If your child has the chess bug already or would like to learn, this one-week camp will be a great experience.


Middle School Math and English, Grades 5-8:
July 24–Aug 4 (two weeks)

This academic camp for middle school students comes at the middle of the summer when your child’s math and English skills have had a one-month break but now need a refresher. Let your child experience the special approach to teaching these subjects developed over the years at SciCore Academy.  Each day of the two-week camp is split in two: morning math and afternoon English. We evaluate each math student to find areas where fundamentals need to be re-taught or reinforced. Beyond teaching fundamentals, interesting math “investigations” and applications help students obtain a solid grasp in key areas of pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. In the afternoon English sessions, students read and analyze quality, classical literature, and hone their writing skills armed with the tools of good grammar, correct usage, and proper format.


July 24–Aug 4 (two weeks)

Calculus is without doubt the most challenging area of mathematics faced by high school students. Taken in a relaxed summer environment with an outstanding teacher, calculus can be fun and mind-expanding. This two-week course will establish a firm foundation in the essential theory of differential and integral calculus and introduce practical applications. Computer-based investigations will help students understanding challenging, abstract concepts.


High School Research Institute:
July 24–Aug 11 (three weeks)

Under the direction of an experienced scientific researcher, students have the opportunity to conduct original laboratory research potentially leading to publication in a professional journal. Prior projects include an innovative algae bioreactor and development of an ethanol fuel cell. Students carry out research using professional-level instrumentation, such as GC, HPLC, cyclic voltametry apparatus, spectrofluorometer, and spectrophotometer. We teach students the use of analytical instrumentation and procedures and then allow them to design and carry out experiments related to the summer project. This is an outstanding opportunity for high students to become skilled in the laboratory, learn more about cutting edge research, and enhance their college resume.

Mathematics & English for the SAT and ACT:
 August 7-18 (two weeks)

This unique hybrid course will review the principles of mathematics and English needed for success on the new SAT and ACT tests. Each morning will be devoted to mathematics relevant to these standardized tests, with a special focus on Algebra and new emphases, such as statistics. Afternoons will be devoted to grammar, usage and punctuation, close reading practice, and the 20-minute essay. At the start of this two-week program students will take an assessment to determine areas of special need. As with all SciCore camps, instruction is in a “seminar” format which lends itself to much individual attention. The mathematics sessions are taught by a highly experienced SAT/ACT coach, and the English sessions are taught by an experienced SciCore faculty member. What makes this camp especially useful is that the focus is on understanding basic principles which, in addition to their relevance to standardized tests, also support success in high school courses such as Algebra I, Algebra II, pre-Calculus, writing and literature.


High School Physics:
August 7–18 (two weeks)

Physics is at the core of our understanding of the modern world and success in high school physics can lead to interesting college and career options. Use this two-week introductory course to get a jump-start on your upcoming high school course, or as a refresher for SAT subject or AP tests. Mostly taught as an algebra/trig based course, more advanced students will be given calculus-based derivations and applications. Focus will be on solving problems in mechanics, thermodynamics, and electricity and magnetism. Demonstrations and lab experiments using computer-interfaced sensors will add to this mind-expanding course.


Early Readers for ages 4-6:
August 7-18 (two weeks)

You won’t believe that your child can learn to read in two short weeks. Our proven techniques and caring approach were a genuine hit during the past six years. Give your child an outstanding gift this summer – the ability to read.